Introduction to Photography

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Start from scratch. Learn the basics of this true art form, getting it right in camera first time every time.

These lessons will help you improve quickly, using the right camera settings and techniques for any given situation. Motivate your creativity and learn how to work with the light that you have using manual mode.

These workshops will not only provide you with a huge knowledge about exposure and composition to create superb images, you will also find the way to really enjoy this wonderful experience that it is photography.


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  • Monochrome photography

    Monochrome photography

    Monochromatic images draw attention to elements that become more apparent and prominent due to the lack of colours. This lends the image more depth as it removes distractions that colour can sometimes create. Monochrome photography often has a very strong, atmospheric and moody look, with a sense of drama that impacts straight to the core. […]

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  • Static Subjects

    Static Subjects

    Some man-made subjects can be visually more interesting than others because of their characteristics and qualities. Feeling empathy for these objects is one way to connect with what we are photographing. Characteristics relating to stability, endurance and timelessness make them become, to our perception, the perfect observers of their surroundings. We as photographers feel the necessity to […]

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  • Graffiti


    Graffiti directly influences other street art forms in the same way it feeds itself from other artistic manifestations, it’s a never ending relationship between graffiti, music, photography, painting, sculpture, etc… However the strong and rebellious essence of this art is what makes it stand out among the others, always changing, evolving and anticipating. The work from […]

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  • Man in chilaba.

    Man in chilaba.

    Composition and a sense of  place are essentials in travel photography. It is very important to enhance the implicit characteristics in an image to give the viewer a sense of an exotic location. In this example there is an intrinsic association with the clothes he is wearing and the place where he is. “The chilaba” is a traditional, long, […]

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