Introduction to Photography

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Start from scratch. Learn the basics of this true art form, getting it right in camera first time every time.

These lessons will help you improve quickly, using the right camera settings and techniques for any given situation. Motivate your creativity and learn how to work with the light that you have using manual mode.

These workshops will not only provide you with a huge knowledge about exposure and composition to create superb images, you will also find the way to really enjoy this wonderful experience that it is photography.


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  • Look Back

    Look Back

    Looking back at some of the most dramatic and thought-provoking images you made, it’s an essential exercise to understand where your photography is now, and how it has been influenced by those shots. It’s a beautiful thing to be able to realize how you frame the subjects now in relation to those old pictures. The […]

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  • Reflecting on Impermanence

    Reflecting on Impermanence

    I previously posted an article about how to photograph static subjects; however it is worth noting that these subjects that at first appear stationary are in constant motion. It is very easy to overlook these subtle changes. Due to our human tendency to be seeking intense experiences all the time we usually cannot see deeply […]

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  • At Every Moment We Choose

    At Every Moment We Choose

    In photography, as in life in general, we make decisions all the time. Obviously those decisions will affect and influence the consequences. Therefore rather than taken unconscious decisions that then will alter the final image in an unpredictable and most probably undesired way, with an adequate state of mind at that moment we are going […]

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  • 4D Photography

    4D Photography

    Expand your perspective in photography by adding another dimension to your images. As photographers, we are used to transform a 3D image into a 2D photograph. We represent the three values (width, height and depth) from a three-dimensional object or space on our two-dimensional plane frame. In the same way when we are starting from a […]

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  • Never Lose Hope!

    Never Lose Hope!

    When I find myself at a location where I have been photographing for the whole day and the resulting images had not reached my expectations and I start to leave the place with the prospect of an unproductive day…I don’t give up. It always comes to my mind the several times that feeling depressed about […]

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  • Humanity in Photography

    Humanity in Photography

    There is one thing the photograph must contain, the humanity of the moment. This kind of photography is realism. But realism is not enough–there has to be vision, and the two together can make a good photograph. It is difficult to describe this thin line where matter ends and mind begins. – Robert Frank I […]

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  • New World

    New World

    In the same way a child observes places for the first time we can rediscover the way we see things through our photography. If you have put your camera away for a little while, probably it is time to come back to it because chances are that next time you are out taking photographs you […]

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  • Meditation Photography

    Meditation Photography

    Photography has always been my meditation as it allows me to be much more aware of the present moment, to be aware and interact with what is going on around me. The Camera is the tool that I use to open the door to that state of mind, entering in the zone where the only […]

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  • Pretentious Photographers

    Pretentious Photographers

      In my life I have crossed paths with many fellow photographers, probably because of an innate curiosity about different aspects of photography I almost always approach every single one of them. Generally speaking it is not very common to find one kind enough to share his or her vision in photography and is even […]

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  • Visual Style

    Visual Style

    I believe it is of great importance to find your own visual style in your photography so that you can refine it with precision.  In order to achieve this quest, you will need to revise your old and new work to realize the evolution of style through your images.  To put your own work in […]

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