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In my life I have crossed paths with many fellow photographers, probably because of an innate curiosity about different aspects of photography I almost always approach every single one of them.

Generally speaking it is not very common to find one kind enough to share his or her vision in photography and is even more rare to find one that can provide you with an honest feedback about your own work, with fair critiques and constructive encouragement.

Those unusual meetings with those willing to help and share their knowledge whenever someone needs it fills me of joy and hopes of a more sympathetic genre of photographers. It also makes me wonder what could be the reasons for the pretentiousness that clearly exist in photography.

For some time I thought that those who were giving a show of importance were really hiding the secret formula of success, it also could be that they were using the most expensive gear to deliver the very best results and that they did not want anyone to copy their camera´s settings, tricks and great experience in the field.

Soon I realized I was wrong.

The majority of the pretentious photographers are not hiding anything but their own insecurities. Besides with their manners of superiority they are masking their lack of knowledge by pretending they know everything.

If I have learnt anything during all the years I have been working in this art form, is that no matter how good or bad you are, photography is a never ending learning process.

What is the purpose of arrogance and insolence? why not to behave with humility rather than hypocrisy?…

We live in a century where social media has great influence and everyone is sharing content in one way or in another, so instead of spreading feelings of pretentiousness with harsh comments to others, lets share our passion for this craft and let’s help others with modesty to become better photographers in a more humble way.

If you would like to have an honest and professional feedback about your photography please don’t hesitate to the link to your body of work and I will provide you for free with a truthful and constructive critique.


About the Author

Miguel is a freelance photographer and educator based in Brighton, who has travelled taking pictures all round the world. With more than 20 years of experience in photography he has the skills and passion about this craft to share the knowledge, advice and help you need. He teaches beginners, amateurs and professionals. Working at your own level and pace you will benefit from a personalised tuition either in a small group tour or in a one-to-one session. From getting to know how to control your camera’s settings to improving your compositions or to get a new and inspiring approach to your work he will help you to communicate visually in an efficient and enjoyable way through a creative and practical system.

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