New World

New World

In the same way a child observes places for the first time we can rediscover the way we see things through our photography.

If you have put your camera away for a little while, probably it is time to come back to it because chances are that next time you are out taking photographs you will find your creativity refreshed.

In contrast, if you have been shooting lastly and you are feeling a bit stuck for ideas, consider trying somewhere else, perhaps in a completely different place or in an old familiar one you have not visited for a long time, to look at the world with new eyes.

So go for it and attempt to uncover the real nature of your artistry.

About the Author

Miguel is a freelance photographer and educator based in Brighton, who has travelled taking pictures all round the world. With more than 20 years of experience in photography he has the skills and passion about this craft to share the knowledge, advice and help you need. He teaches beginners, amateurs and professionals. Working at your own level and pace you will benefit from a personalised tuition either in a small group tour or in a one-to-one session. From getting to know how to control your camera’s settings to improving your compositions or to get a new and inspiring approach to your work he will help you to communicate visually in an efficient and enjoyable way through a creative and practical system.

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